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Goes West are the only UK based tribute band to the legendary Go West.


Playing all of their biggest hits in a must see show for fans of the 80's and the mighty GW.


The show faithfully reproduces the songs from Go West's hit albums "Indian Summer", "Dancing on the Couch", "Go West" and "Future Now" as well as Go West's chosen covers that can be heard at their live shows.


Goes West was born from the popular tribute band Go Span Duran where on more than one occasion remarks on the vocal, band sound and resemblance to that of Go West was uncannily accurate. On seeing a video from one of the shows Go West ex-guitarist, Deeral, thought it was actually the original band playing. From there a dedicated show was formed and has been a huge hit not only with the legion of GW fans but the discerning band of retro 80’s followers up and down the country.


Attention to detail in the band sound is paramount and with such a unique, rich and powerful voice as Peter Cox's there can be no half measures. The Band boast experienced professional musicians who have toured extensively all over the UK and abroad to bring the same drive and energy as that of the GW band.


Goes West are dedicated to always sounding the very best and to replicate GW distinctive sound. Their aim is to do justice to probably one of the only bands to sound as good today as they have since they first came to prominence in 1985.

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